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WORKSHOP with Dr.Hefo @ Break de Cologne 2010

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IT´s time again!

On Saturday, 08.05.2010 will be again in Cologne the international Breakdance Battle BREAK DE COLOGNE taking place!



Additionally to the battle there will be on SATURDAY a WORKSHOP with Judge DR. HEFO from Fox Footworks & the Funky Dope Manouvres Crew.

He will teach several different ways:

Toprock, moving around works in different levels, putting yourself into a charackter, making Music in the music, Rule of 3, Go downs, different ways to go to the floor, Footwork, ways of movement, in your face styles, how to create new moves.

If you want to progress your BBoying and get inspired, come and participate!

The workshop will take place on Saturday from 13 - 14.30h in OT Nippes, Werkstattstrasse 7, 50733 Cologne.
Costs: 10 € / Person

The workshop will take place if there are at least 5 participants.

If you are interested write an email to:


Also in this year there will be participants from the Netherlands, Germany, france, Poland, Spain, Belgium!

Battle Systems:
5on5 Crew Battle
1on1 Powermove Battle
Dirty Thirties Battle

For special there will be the 1on1 Donut Callout Battle with Host Engin from Düsseldorf!

On the Weels of Steel are our resident DJ
DJ Ice-C from Cologne and Special Guest
DJ Horba from Poland (Circle Prince Poland).

Our experienced judges will be
Arte from Spain, Paulinho from France and Dr.Hefo from Poland!

Entry: 17h, Begin: 18h. Entry price: 7Euro (Dancer 3€).
Location: Bürgerzentrum Nippes, Altenberger Hof, Mauenheimer Str. 93; 50733 Köln.

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Leute, nutzt die Chance! Der Workshop wird auf jeden fall gut!
Schreibt mir auf

Frieda (-:

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